One day, shining light on your face may be the most important part of your skin care routine.

First, LED therapy is not the same as a laser treatment, which creates controlled damage to the skin to promote healing. The easiest way to understand the light-as-skin-care concept is to think of skin-friendly visible light as ultraviolet light’s benevolent counterpart.

In a process called photobiomodulation, light alters biological material; for example, UV rays from the sun change our skin in ways that can catalyze cancer and aging.
But some wavelengths of visible light alter our skin for the better, and light-emitting diodes (LED) are a source that delivers that energy.

Red light penetrates the skin deeper than other visible light and stimulates the mitochondria, which has an anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effect. Collagen is built in the dermis, the skin is calmed, and wrinkles eventually fade.

Blue light doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply but zaps acne-causing bacteria on
the surface.

The science on green light isn’t as solid, but in theory, it targets melanocytes, discouraging excess melanin production.

 And what about those other colors?

Our device emits five different colors of light and shuts off after a 30-minute session. Its violet is a combination of red and blue light, so you get both colors in one treatment.

So, Can LED gives you the perfect skin? We strongly believe in the power of the LED lights. The diversity of treatments offered by our device will make it possible to respond to various frequently encountered problems from the daily life.

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unit session: 200.000 / 30 min
pack of 5: 800.000 / 20 min per session
pack of 10: 1.600.000 / 20 min per session


unit session (30 min): 1 time per month
session of 20 min: 2 time per month

For maximum results:

1 session per month for 30min (maximum 1 time / month)