Myrah Peñaloza
Founder of: Myrah Peñaloza Collection
IG: @myrahpenaloza 

FEB 19 2021

Myrah Peñaloza was born in Orange County California in the US, she’s spent her life traveling all over the US, Canada, South American and Asia. She is currently living on the island of Bali, joyfully married with 2 radiant children and a prosperous, regenerative clothing brand.
Passionate about self development and living a life in alignment with your purpose, Myrah is inspired by the simple life. Nature. Grace. Beauty. Wearing her heart on her sleeve and being a role model of the grace we yearn to see on the plant everything she does has been devoted to empowering women. “Woman is the molder.  You are the molder of time, space, and of man:  the man of tomorrow, the child; the man of today, the husband; and the men of yesterday; the ancestors. The entire society, in theory and reality, is based on the spirit of woman.”

A return to her own self healing.
Her clothing brand inspires more divinity and nobility. “The greatest gift you can give to your children is having them witness your kindness, compassion and unlimited love. Seeing you as divine.” -Myrah 

FY: What is your morning routine?
M: " I wake up 2 hours before my family 6-6:30am and do my prosperity mediations that align me with spirt. I put on a kettle to boil the water and while I finish my 11min meditation I lay out my tea stage and sit in tea ceremony. Becoming empty so that spirit can fill my up again."

FY: What is your morning & evening skincare routine? or is it the same for both? 
M: " I have a morning face skin ritual that I incorporate with my tea ceremony. And COLD water cleansing. As of the last 3 months I’ve been using Forever Yours skincare and I love the cleansing oil so much. I use it every morning.
My second step in my skincare ritual is collecting the tea waste water from my morning tea ceremony and wet a light hand towel with the tea water and place it on my face as a toner, I leave it on for a moment, I feel the tea allows for a nice hydration internally and externally. And then apply the Wild rose face oil. 

Now for my full body ritual, I love taking cold showers and dry brushing my skin all over my lymphatic system to generate some fresh blood and open up the capillaries.

Once a week I enjoy a nice caster oil bath to relax the muscles and hydrate my skin.

My evening ritual closes with a light face cleansing with the same oil cleanser and some gua sha massages to relax the nervous system."

FY: Does it change with season or when traveling? or you stick to the same routine all year long, everywhere you go?
M: " My skin routine and rituals change with seasons and are often influenced by travel, motherhood and all the nuances of life. My tea ceremony practice and face toner have remain forever consistent."  

FY: When do you give your skin a special treat?

M: " I’ve been treating my skin more in the last 4 years. I believe the skin is the biggest organ that gets overlooked because it’s so tough.  I treat is special by draping it in natural fibers, sunbathing and coating it in rich healing oils. I’ve been doing facials (first time ever) with Forever Yours Glow studio and so far I’ve had 2 and it’s felt like an extra special treat."  

FY: What's the most valuable beauty advice you've ever received?

M: " Don’t get mad or you’ll age quicker” - by my father, he also once told me that make-up eats at your skin and that I don’t need it because nature is beautiful and you are nature. "  

FY: What’s your vision when it comes to “natural beauty? 
M:Self love. If you love your self you radiate beauty like a magnet."  

FY: What are you favorite Forever Yours Skincare?
M: " The oil cleanser and the vitamin C serum"  

Nectar de Rose - Revitalizing  Cleansing Oil
Nectar de Rose - Revitalizing  Cleansing Oil
Nectar de Rose - Revitalizing  Cleansing Oil

Nectar de Rose - Revitalizing Cleansing Oil


A nourishing oil cleanser formulated with jojoba, argan, olive oil, and rosehip oil to gently clarify and restore the skin without over-drying it for healthy, dewy-looking skin. 

Scent description | Just like a fresh rose-garden... A rich mixture of roses blends harmoniously with the citrus base notes of orange peel.  

How to use | Gently massage 1-2 pump onto face and neck. Remove with a warm washcloth, gently pat dry.

Rinse with Fleur de Rose Facewash to achieve a double cleanse.  

For sensitive skin and all skin types. 

125 ml | 4.2 oz

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Super C - Regenerating crème-serum
Super C - Regenerating crème-serum
Super C - Regenerating crème-serum

Super C - Regenerating crème-serum


Shine on!

This creamy moisturizer is concentrated into a powerful vitamin C blend. Applied directly to the skin, vitamin C is 30 times more available than taken orally. In a few weeks only is it able to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, instantly smoothing skin & improving its texture.

Our Pure C moisturizer illuminates the complexion by regulating melanin overproduction in the skin, boosting radiance by improving blood circulation. Better oxygenated and nourished, the epidermis benefits from the acceleration of its repair process. 

Combine it with few drops of our Wild roses infused face oil for a total regeneration and anti-oxidant treatment. 

For all skin types.

30ml | 1 oz

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FY: What’s your favorite plant or flower?
M: " Sunflowers"  

FY: Where is your favorite place?
M: "Any seashore during sunset with my family."

FY: A sense of lightness and free-spirit is always present in your brand. How important is this idea in your daily life?
M: "It’s mine / our core desired feelings. Ease and grace, light and free. Life is so transient why complicate it? "

FY: What’s your secret for wellbeing and living?
M: "It’s mine / our core desired feelings. Ease and grace, light and free. Life is so transient why complicate it? "