Rosewood & Grapefruit Solid Cleansing balm


A solid cleanser combined with a blend of lightweight grape seed and pink grapefruit oil. Hints of rosewood and rosemary make it a sensorial, aromatic experience created to deeply removes impurities and leave your skin soft and clean. 

How to use | For the first step of your double cleansing method, use a spatula to dip a pea-sized amount over dry skin and smoothly massage in circular motions until the balm becomes oil. Add a sprinkle of warm water to emulsify. Remove oil-based impurities with a washcloth or use a cotton pad to continue to step 2, a water-based cleanser. 

Rinse with Fleur de Rose Facewash to achieve a double cleanse.  

For sensitive skin and all skin types. 

100g | 3.5 oz

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