ROSE MANDARIN EYE CONTOUR BALM | Take a moment - just a moment, to brighten up your look. This silky light veil will help soften wrinkles and lines, improving the overall glow of your under-eye area.

Moisturizing and revitalizing, it will combat any signs of aging, providing reliable protection against environmental toxins causing oxidative stress. 

PURE C ACTIVE CREAM | Shine on! This creamy moisturizer is concentrated into a powerful vitamin C blend. Applied directly to the skin, vitamin C is 30 times more available than taken orally. In a few weeks only is it able to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, instantly smoothing skin & improving its texture. Our Pure C moisturizer illuminates the complexion by regulating melanin overproduction in the skin, boosting radiance by improving blood circulation. Better oxygenated and nourished, the epidermis benefits from the acceleration of its repair process.

12 VITAMINS FACE SERUM | This ultra-fresh and moisturizing serum intensively hydrates the most thirsty skin. Formulated with a unique and natural combination of 12 vitamins (B12, C, E, K ... ), Beta carotene, 18 amino acids, and 42 trace elements, the concentrated face treatment offers complete hydration and soothes the skin while protecting it from external aggressions. The beeswax helps lock moisture into the skin. Upon application, feelings of discomfort are reduced. The skin is fresh, soft, plump, and radiant. 


x1 Pure C active cream

x1 Rose Mandarin eye contour balm  

x1 12 Vitamins face serum 

For more information about each product, please refer to their respective product pages. 

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