Pulse Perfume Oil No.01 Sandalwood & Gypsy Rose Powered With Amethyst


Our very first oil perfume made from the simplest and finest ingredients. Fresh Sandalwood & a secret mix of rose petals make for this beautifully intense floral & woody perfume. Its complex scent is in accordance with the crystals we use in the roller and in combination with the oil. 

The amethyst crystal used in the perfume is known for mood and respiration support & focus.


10 ml | 0.3 oz


How to apply

Apply on the pulses of your body, this is where the heartbeats, which allows to discreetly distribute the perfume. 



Soft and strong, masculine and feminine, light and dark… All at the same time. 


Fresh Sandalwood essential oil

Gypsy Rose essential oil (Forever Yours secret blend) 

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