Floral Toner Soothing Rosa Damascena


A symbol of regeneration, Rose water has long been recognized as a natural ingredient to fight skin aging effectively.

Damascus rose water, used as a toner cleans the skin from all the impurities.
Its healing action allows it to dry out imperfections quicker, leaving you with a healthy skin without blemishes.

Ideal for a daily use. 
All skin types.

125 ml | 4.2 oz


Excellent natural make-up remover, leaving your skin with a fresh glow day after day

Helps maintain your skin's pH balance

Controls excess oil

Helps reduce redness and irritated skin

Cleans pores and tones the skin

Hydrates, revitalises and moisturises the skin

Helps strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues

Helps heal wounds and acne scars faster

Take your rose water everywhere with you - a few sprays throughout the day make for an immediate feeling of freshness.


How to?
In the morning, gently apply the rose water using a cotton pad to wake up and brighten your face

At night, enjoy its toning effects after cleansing your skin with our face wash range

Rosa damascena flower water.


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